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Patient Discharge Solutions
Provide Patients with Durable Medical Equipment and get them out the door faster 
By merging RFID or GPS inventory tracking and EMR integration, The Continuum® System keeps real time inventory counts while ensuring proper charge capture and avoiding costly inventory losses.

Revenue Capture and Cost Avoidance with Continuum® Real-time Inventory and Charge Capture Systems 


Charge Capture Rate

26% Reduced*

Reduction in Billing Errors


Continuum Discharge Solutions are designed around real time inventory and charge capture systems to deliver benefits including: 

  • Offloading high dollar inventory 
  • Inventory dispensing at patient’s bedside 
  • EMR integration to accurately bill information 
  • CMS documentation capture with minimal clinician burden 
  • Automated inventory tracking and PAR level ordering 
  • Cloud based reporting to identify efficiency opportunities 
  • Digital chain of custody to reduce inventory shrinkage through accountability 

Easy Discharge with Continuum’s Negative
Pressure Wound Therapy System

1.47 days*

Reduction in Patient Stay


Generated Savings Per Patient

Continuum’s automated negative pressure inventory management system utilizes the one patient, one pump principle to deliver these optimal outcomes: 
  • EMR integration to facilitate secure medical billing information 
  • Accelerated insurance approval process 
  • GPS tracking and Geofencing to capture home care transition
  • Elimination of discharge dressing changes 
  • Avoid delays in therapy attributed to the arrival of secondary device 
NP-2000 PRO-II Unit

Optimize a Spine Bracing Program with
The Continuum Spine Solution 

14 Hours*

Reduction in Patient Stay


Per Patient Savings by the Spinal Bracing Program

MTS33-15 MAXAlign TLSO wSPK qtr view
Continuum Spine solution serves to deliver the following values with the spine bracing program: 
  • VaultEX cabinet to house lumbar-sacral orthoses (LSO) and thoracic-lumber-sacral orthoses (TLSO) 
  • Automated Inventory Management System with information in real time 
  • Faster brace a configuration and fit 
  • Reliable stocking to speed patient discharge 

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