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Charge Capture Accuracy
With Continuum's ability to automatically reorder twice a week, I no longer have to spend time manually ordering.
Justin Creasey, Ortho Tennessee Physician Clinic
Secured Inventory
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Secure inventory to reduce shrinkage
Keep high value inventory secured in the access controlled Continuum® Vault. The Continuum® system will track products from stocking to dispensing, establishing a digital chain of custody, which allows providers to ensure procedural compliance and reduce inventory shrinkage from theft or loss.
Keep close track of inventory
with RFID technology 
Track Instantly
Track available stock and send re-orders
Identifying products faster and easier than other tablet based solutions, Continuum® AIR is an inventory management system which uses a handheld RFID scanner. The Continuum® AIR scanner receives product shipments, counts existing inventory, and captures products dispensed to patients in an intuitive and prompt manner.
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Quickly count inventory
Paperless Workflow
Reduce time for documentation
Using RFID technology to accurately track inventory and instantly assign products to patients, the Continuum® Tablet delivers a paperless solution to capture patient signatures needed for documentation and provide instant charge capture. This real-time tracking system reduces time needed for documentation and patient processing. Within our cloud-based software, the robust reporting features provide business analytic tools to measure performance and results.

Benefits of using DeRoyal® products with the Continuum® System:

  • RFID embedded product packaging
  • Same day order shipments
  • Backorder prevention
  • Physician grade products
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Charge Capture
Improve your accuracy
The Continuum® system interfaces with existing systems to track items removed from the vault and provides one-click billing assignment to the patient.
Procedure Usage
Analyze supply usage in the OR

Continuum OSCAR® is a point-of-use smart trash receptacle used in procedure areas for simplified, accurate supply capture. OSCAR® immediately captures supply usage, case cost and UDI details with minimal clinician effort. This information is then sent seamlessly to your EMR so that you can simply Pick it. Use it. Throw it away.™

Spinal Bracing, Managed
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Automated Inventory Management System (AIMS)
Continuum® Spine is an innovative solution and an integral part of DeRoyal’s Spine Bracing Program. Proven to reduce length of stay by over 9 hours** per patient, the program combined with Continuum Spine helps facilities improve quality of care while decreasing spine bracing costs over 80%.**
The Continuum® System Technology
offers a wide range of features:
  • Business analytics and performance reports 
  • Real-time secure inventory management  
  • Automated re-order and replenishment
  • Proactive expiration management
  • 99.8% accurate charge capture
  • Optimized inventory levels
  • Digital chain of custody
  • Staff accountability
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