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Each year DeRoyal supports numerous civic charitable projects and organizations in communities where our employees live and work. We recognize that monetary donations are essential, but there is no substitute for personal involvement.

A Word About Giving
DeRoyal receives many philanthropic requests and is very generous in supporting programs in our community. Each year, DeRoyal identifies two nonprofits that already do outstanding work and provide aid through fundraising efforts to maintain a two-year financial commitment. Any requests for support will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. Donations of $500 or less are considered on a case-by-case basis. No phone calls please. For specific questions about DeRoyal's funding, eligibility, requirements, product donations, schools seeking donations, tours, and volunteering, please submit a request to Corporate Human Resources.
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  • Mardi Growl 2017
  • TN Basket Charity Auction
  • Love Kitchen Dinners
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  • Harvest Packing
  • Bread for Community - Dominican Republic
  • KARM - Rick window wash
  • Love Kitchen Trays
  • Love Kitchen Packing
  • Dominican Republic Helping
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