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At DeRoyal, we feel it is important to stay focused on new tools and technologies that we can develop for the healthcare industry, and other industries we service. From inventory control to sterilization, our services offer an overall mission of helping the healthcare industry provide high-quality care with innovative solutions.
Continuum® is an automated inventory control and charge capture business solution designed to help you reduce costs, increase revenue, and maximize clinical efficiencies by knowing what you have in inventory, who uses each item, and on whom an item is used.
Ortho Vault
PAR Excellence is a weight-based System for exclusive use with DeRoyal® Continuum®. The PAR Bins system is engineered to remove caregivers entirely from inventory processes associated with current technologies. This system is revolutionizing the supply chain, providing nursing with the confidence to know that the right supplies will be in the right place at the right time.
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Bring us your ideas, and they will remain your ideas, but we will help you turn them into high-quality products that will delight your customers and give you a maximum return on your investment.
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Our certified sterilization facility ensures that sterile and non-sterile products never meet, while our automated systems continuously monitor the sterilization process. We offer a diverse selection of sterilization cycles, including nitrogen purge, and 100% ETO. Additionally we offer a variety of associated lab services, including biological indicators, product sterility, bioburden, residual analysis, viscosity testing, and Ph testing.
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For tray assembly and tray management processes, our ClearPack™ business solution combines cost containment and purchase control. Assembly processes follow GMP guidelines, whether through automation or by hand.
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