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Prospera® PRO-II Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Units

  • Promotes more effective blood flow to wound site*
  • Controls the zone of hypo-perfusion surrounding the wound edge eliminating concern for ischemia*
  • Increases proliferation of new granulation tissue*
  • Gradual pressure cycling (in 5 mmHg increments)*
  • Lower than traditional pressures provides gentle tissue massage resulting in less pain and better outcomes*

Benefits of Variable Pressure Therapy (VPT®) Technology:

  • Intermittent negative pressure increases blood to the wound site more effectively than continuous negative pressure, and proliferation of new granulation tissue is significantly higher.1,2
  • Prospera® NPWT devices with VPT® technology are engineered to deliver comfortable, massaging variable pressure therapy.
  • Customizable time and pressure settings.
  • Calibrated to increase and decrease in comfortable 5mmHg increments between -40mmHg and -80mmHg, providing a gentle massaging effect.
  • Limits painful high and low pressure spikes.2,3,4
*Data on file
1. Morykwas MJ, Argenta LC, Shelton-Brown EI, McGuirt W. Vacuum-Assisted Closure: A new method for wound control and treatment: Animal studies and basic foundation. Annals of Plastic Surgery 1997;38:553-562.
2. Borquist, O., Ingemansson, R., Malmsjo, M., The Influence of Low and High Pressure Levels during Negative Pressure Wound Therapy on Wound Contraction and Fluid Evacuation. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, February 2011; 127:2: 551-559
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4. Eberlein T, Fendler H. Using a new technique of negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT), Variable Pressure Therapy (VPT) for the management of chronic, non-healing wounds. JWOCN May/June 2009;36(35):S23
5. Malmsjö, M., Gustafsson, L., Lindstedt, S., Gesslein, B., & Ingemansson, R. (2012). The Effects of Variable, Intermittent, and Continuous Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, Using Foam or Gauze, on Wound Contraction, Granulation Tissue Formation, and Ingrowth Into the Wound Filler. Eplasty, 12, e5
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NP-2000 PRO-II® NPWT Pump 1
NP-2000GPS PRO-II® with Remote Monitoring 1
*Variable Pressure Therapy is a registered trademark of Prospera.

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