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Disposable Safety Scalpels With Retractable Blades

  • The industry’s only patented* safety scalpel that allows a controlled retraction of the entire blade
  • Broad selection for protection in every department of the hospital
  • Safe and easy to open, with temporary forward locking to prevent accidental retractions
  • Permanent lock position for disposal now standard on all versions
  • 16 different stainless steel blade sizes, with color-coded sliders for easy identification
  • Ribbed, slip-resistant finger grips for a secure hold in gloved hands, accommodating a variety of hand positions
  • High-visibility red color denotes a biohazard to ensure proper disposal in sharps container
  • Full blade visibility at all times to reduce the chance of accidental injury
  • Designed by Dr. Shackleford, a cardiovascular surgeon, in conjunction with a safety engineer
  • Clinically reviewed and industry-listed as sharps safety device meeting O.S.H.A. requirements
  • Packaged sterile


*U.S. Patent #5,531,754; U.S. Patent #6,254,621

Product No. Description Size
D4506 #6 Safety Scalpel, Purple Slider 50/Cs
D4510 #10 Safety Scalpel, Black Slider 50/Cs
D4510A #10A Safety Scalpel, Silver Slider 50/Cs
D4511 #11 Safety Scalpel, Blue Slider 50/Cs
D45E11 #E11 Safety Scalpel, Orange Slider 50/Cs
D4514 #14 Safety Scalpel, Yellow Slider 50/Cs
D4515 #15 Safety Scalpel, Green Slider 50/Cs
D4515C #15C Safety Scalpel, Brown Slider 50/Cs
D4516 #16 Safety Scalpel, White Slider 50/Cs
D4520 #20 Safety Scalpel, Grey Slider 50/Cs
D4521 #21 Safety Scalpel, Lilac Slider 50/Cs
D4522 #22 Safety Scalpel, Sky Blue Slider 50/Cs
D4523 #23 Safety Scalpel, Lime Green Slider 50/Cs
D4524 #24 Safety Scalpel, Orange Slider 50/Cs
D4525A #25A Safety Scalpel, Pink Slider 50/Cs

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