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LMB Acu-Spring Finger Extension Assist

  • High quality Wire-Foam™ construction for a customized fit
  • Ideal for regaining last few degrees of PIP extension with slightly more force than model #501
  • Axis of motion is close to the PIP joint to maintain splint alignment
  • Broad, curved dorsal center pad distributes pressure over a large area
  • Tension is adjustable by careful bending
  • Force: 15° flexion ≈ approx. 12 oz.; 90° flexion ≈ approx. 6 lbs.
Joint tightness; Flexion contractures
Size Measurement Product #
X-Small 2¼” 507AA
Small 2⅝” 507A
Medium 3” 507B
Large 3⅜” 507C
X-Large 3¾” 507D

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  • Sterilization:
  • Latex:
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