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XTW Extended Wear Collar

  • Designed to help restrict flexion, extension, lateral bending and axial rotation
  • High density polyethylene frame for maximum rigidity and support
  • Shoulder and mandible contours for increased stability
  • Anterior and posterior flex tabs for individual comfort
  • Open-cell liner assists in the prevention of skin breakdown
  • Five adult and five child sizes to ensure best patient fit
  • Replacement pad set available upon request
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
Cervical sprains and strains; Cervical spinal stenosis; Cervical disc displacement; Cervical arthritis; Whiplash injury; Cervical spondylosis and spondylolisthesis; Degenerative disc disease; Cervicalgia
Size Collar Collar & Pad Set Pad Set Only
Adult X-Short 11201000 11202000 11223000
Adult Short 11211000 11212000 11223000
Adult Regular 11221000 11222000 11223000
Adult Tall 11231000 11232000 11223000
Adult X-Tall 11241000 11242000 11223000
Infant Short 11251000 11252000 11253000
Infant Regular 11261000 11262000 11263000
Child Tot 11271000 11272000 11293000
Child Short 11281000 11282000 11293000
Child Regular 11291000 11292000 11293000

*Measure using the XTW Sizing Guide

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