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Adult and Pediatric Sizes

  • Special shaped gauze dressings have the same function and benefits as regular gauze dressings but have been anatomically cut to fit a particular part of the body
  • These dressings are easy to apply, save nursing time and increase patient comfort
Product # Description Packaging Case Qty
10-9134 9” x 12” 15-ply (Infant) 1/pk, 25pk/cs 25/cs
10-9133 14” x 18” 15-ply (Child) 1/pk, 25pk/cs 25/cs
10-6314 14” x 18” 24-ply (Child) 1/pk, 25pk/cs 25/cs
10-6313 22” x 26” 24-ply (Teen) 1/pk, 25pk/cs 25/cs
10-9131 28” x 32” 15-ply 1/pk, 25pk/cs 25/cs
10-6447 30” x 32” 15-ply 1/pk, 25pk/cs 25/cs
10-9138 30” x 32” 32-ply 1/pk, 20pk/cs 20/cs
10-5514 30” x 36” 28-ply 1/pk, 25pk/cs 25/cs
10-9137 30” x 52” 16-ply 1/pk, 20pk/cs 20/cs
10-9137-L 30” x 64” 16-ply 1/pk, 20pk/cs 20/cs

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