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Sofsorb Specialty Absorptive Standard Dressings

  • Sofsorb is a line of high-performance absorbency dressings with a stay-dry liner built into the dressing to help prevent maceration of periwound skin
  • The wound contact layer is nonadherent to protect fragile granulating burns and skin grafts during the healing phase
  • Additionally, Sofsorb horizontally wicks drainage away from the wound and throughout the pad, increasing its absorption capacity
  • The product has exceptional wet and dry strength so it can be soaked with saline or topical ointments prior to use
  • A large variety of sizes and anatomical shapes for pediatrics, teens and adults are available
Product # Description Packaging Case Qty
46-109 3” x 3” (Round) 30/bx, 2bx/cs 60/cs
46-165 3” x 3” (Square) 30/bx, 2bx/cs 60/cs
46-162 4” x 4” 50/cs 50/cs
46-101 4” x 6” 30/bx, 4bx/cs 120/cs
46-163 4” x 6” (Oval) 50/cs 50/cs
46-132 4” x 6” w/slit for trach/tube 25/bx, 4bx/cs 100/cs
46-106 4” x 9” 25/bx, 4bx/cs 100/cs
46-102 6” x 9” 20/bx, 4bx/cs 80/cs
46-164 6” x 9” (Oval) 50/cs 50/cs
46-103 9” x 15” 30/cs 30/cs
46-104 15” x 18” 20/cs 20/cs
46-105 15” x 24” 15/cs 15/cs
46-166 20” x 28” 20/cs 20/cs

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